The new head office of TIBTECH is now located in a brand new building in Roncq (lille area , France)...

... TIBTECH smartshop ...For your small sampling, please visit our Merchant website "SMARTSHOP":
... for your sampling, you can purchase directly on the web some yarn samples or other items made out of our Smart textiles products. For this, please go to our merchant web site (smartshop.tibtech.com) , or click on the logo at left


"The specialist of metallic, conductive or heating YARNS, and of flexible functional GRIDS for energy transfer or storage in Technical textiles or composites

............at the service of your innovations"


Our belief:

"The best potential of innovation is laying at the crossroad between people, technologies and materials"

  • Our expertise is to offer you innovative products or materials
    engineered from metallic or conductives fibers
  • Associating technologies or skills, should they be brand new, or well known for years,
  • Through the countless fields of markets applications, people or cultures,
  • Our best model : Nature ... !

    "Most of fascinating present or future innovations are already existing somehow or somewhere in Nature !"

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