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What we do

Yarns and conductive textiles for energy transfer within flexible structures or composite parts

Focus on a limited number of conductive materials

We work only from a limited number of metallic fibers selected using well defined quality control and based on their specific properties.

Transversality: we use many textile transformation technologies

Thanks to our own manufacturing facilities or well known partners, we transform conductive fibers thanks to various technologies ranging from textile to plastic manufacturing.

We work on three main markets

    High temperature, hot gas filtration and catalysis

    • Industrial, automotive or hollow glass industries.
    • Transportation or handling of hot materials susceptible to marking: aluminium, composite process, metallurgy.
    • Braids and sealing solutions for the high temperature industry.
    • Yarns and membranes for gas burners and hot gas filtration.
    • Catalysis supports for the chemical industry.

    Functionalization or heating yarns or fabrics for multi-layer or composite parts

    • Heating fabric for manufacturing of heating molds for curing of complex shape composite parts.
    • Heating fabric for de-icing application for functionalized composite parts: aerospace, telecommunication antennas, buildings, civil works etc.
    • Industrial applications: automotive, heating pipes, vacuum bags, heating and curing, plastic parts.

    Smart textile, RFID antennas, connected clothes, connection

    • Heating yarns or fabric for smart textile, signal transfer (monitoring), sensors for example.
    • Elastic and washable connection yarns for part functionalization
    • Flexible RFID antennas and yarns withstanding industrial washing machines.
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What we believe in:

"The biggest innovation potential is lying at the crossroad between materials, technologies and humans"

"Past or future innovations are very often inspired by something already existing in Nature!"

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