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Actuality topics

News   TIBTECH at the "journée de l'innovation" of the "CESCOF":

The third "journées de l'innovation of the SCA CESCOF (army minister) has taken place at the "ecole militaire of Paris" on december the 5th, 2017.

The theme of Mr TIBERGHIEN's conference has been: "Connectivité et transfert de data ou d’énergie dans les textiles « monitorés » ou connectés du combattant pouvant aussi être lavés industriellement."

Several other interesting conferences were also made by CLUBTEX members!
CLUBTEX is the French association of technical textiles producers
E&T Symbiose, CONCORDIA, ENSAIT , and , of course, Mr. alain CHANOIS of the "FACIM"!

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News   TIBTECH at the "Rendez-Vous CARNOT 2017" in Paris:

The "Rendez-vous CARNOT 2017" has taken place on the 18th and 19th of October,at the "Espace Champeret" in Paris :

TIBTECH's Pitch Innovation: 14:45H, Wednesday, october the 18th, 2017

Instrumented surface deformation monitoring device for anchored light weight composite or drill holes reinforcments.

Tibtech has engineered a range of ultra-light drill holes reinforcments for glass or Carbon composite structures
These reinforcments are engineered to transfer, through a root system, the structural efforts to internal parts so that the drill hole is not remaining a structural weakness, especially within light weight material structures as honneycomb by example .

Tibtech has made a short "Pitch innovation" about thes type or innovative reinforcments structures , and more specially on the possibility to add our currently developped surface deformation monitoring devices aside theses structures.

This anchored instrumentation allow to monitor the evolution of the composite signature under vibrating constraints by example.

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News   TIBTECH at JEC WORLD 2017 in Paris:

JEC world 2017 JEC world 2017 has taken place in Parisnord villepinte":

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News  TIBTECH is now ISO 9001 certified, in the new version 2015 of the norm!

certification ISO TIBTECH
    The TUV has granted us its certification in january 2016 ; (It has been renewed in 2017)

News  TIBTECH is now in its new premisses in Roncq!

Its very good positionning at the crossroad between LONDON, BRUXELLES and PARIS is reinforced by the proximity of the A22 HIGHWAY LILLE BRUXELLES
We are now installed into a brand new RT2012 industrial building in Roncq.(lille area)

    our new adress is :

      TIBTECH Innovations SAS
      2A rue Antoine Delahousse
      Parc d'activité pierre Mauroy
      F-59223 RONCQ

    we will be glad to welcome you!
    nb: all the other mail , website adress and telephone numbers will remain as before!

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News  5th IC3 conference in Arcachon (France) : Guillaume Tiberghien

The 5th IC3 , (International carbon composites conference) has taken placen from may the 9th to 11th, 2016 , at the "palais des congrès" in Arcachon (France)
M. TIBERGHIEN 's conference has taken place on may the 11th, at 10AM in plenary session.

Its theme has ben:


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News  article JEC News: TIBTECH y présente ses nouveaux TIBGRID INTERFACIAL et ISOWATT!

article JEC NIEWS 2015


JEC 2015

News  TIBTECH was at SPORTSGEAR sourcing days in Annecy Sportsgear sourcing days

Last year, Guillaume TIBERGHIEN made a conference about "TIBTECH inside" electronic concept
TIBTECH inside
      "TIBTECH inside"
      fonctionalisation modulable des
      vêtements et équipements sportifs
      de marque en séries limitées

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poster composite JEC13

News  JEC 2015: TIBTECH has been pleased to receive you on JEC Americas

JEC Americas has taken place in Houston!

JEC Americas 2015

    TIBTECH has presented its yarn and grids for energy transfer in complex shape composite, and specially its stretchable heating grid to be inserted in silicone
    trough its flexible heating yarns THERMOTECH and grids TIBGRID, that you can insert in your own manufacturing process
    TIBGRID is used in the following fields:

    • Composite process: heating molds or pockets or welding systems
    • Composite functionalization: De-icing , heating, induction or RFID antenas, etc...
    • Composite repairs
    • Deformation monitoring

    a new concept of TIBGRID-interfacial has also been presented, allowing a better thermal exchange with the structure.
    Please do not hesitate to question us!

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News  Techtextil has taken place from may the 4th to may the 7th, 2015 in Francfürt

TIBTECH has presented its newest products for your development of connected and heating wear as well as its yarns and fabrics for high temperature withstanding industrial applications
TIBTECH stretchable data transfer yarn
  • discover our New DATASTRETCH ultra fine stretchable data transfer yarn to connect sensor and different monitoring devices within connected wear!

  • please do not hesitate to contact us .

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    TIBTECH at JEC Americas 2014

    News  TIBTECH has been once again exhibitor at the JEC COMPOSITES AMERICAS and TECHTEXTIL AMERICAS


      TIBTECH at TECHTEXTIL Americas 2014 This show has proven as being very interesting for the quality of the contacts taken
      on booth 1209.

      This common show has taken place in ATLANTA from the 13th to the 15th of may 2014 on the same fair ground

    TIBGRID use in Composite

    News  TIBTECH made a technical poster on JEC AMERICAS innovation fairground about the use of TIBGRID® in composites

    read the poster :   
    You can read on this poster detailled suggestions or recommendations about the use of TIBGRID for COMPOSITE:
    , it can either be used:
    • For Composite process : to make your own heating molds of various shapes
    • For composite repairs : for aerospace applications by example.
    • For composite fuctionalization : to fuctionalize your composites parts : ex De-icing, heating, deformation monitoring

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    News  TIBTECH has been granted the price: "Europe and Méditerannée" LEADEXPORT 2013"

    from the Nord pas de Calais internationnal Chamber of Commerce"
      This event has taken place on tuesday the 17th of december 2013, at the International chamber of commerce of Lille, boulevard de Leeds All the TIBTECH 's team, wishes to express it thanks for this recognition of its outstanding performance at export in technical conductive textiles.

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    News  29ème journée technologique CLUBTEX: "la problèmatique entretien vue par un fournisseur de SMART Textiles"

    Conference of Mr. G tiberghien at the 29th "journée technologique" of CLUBTEX: about EPI (individual protective equipements)
    "la problèmatique entretien vue par un fournisseur de SMART Textiles"
    this conference has take place at the CETI, in Tourcoing on december the 17th, 2013.

    We would like to thank CLUBTEX, UPTEX, the CETI and the organizers of the quality of this very interesting day about EPI

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    TIBTECH in the maqazine LA RECHERCHE

    News  Guillaume TIBERGHIEN in the scientific magazine

    In the "DOSSIERS de LA RECHERCHE": "Ils inventent les textiles de demain"
    "they are inventing future textiles"

    "Guillaume Tiberghien crée des fils et filaments haute performance" ...
    guillaume Tiberghien is engineering high performance yarns and filaments

    allowing the "transfert d'énergie": energy transfer

    thanks to Laure Roussel for her paper!
    ref: "Les Dossiers de La Recherche" N° 6 -Octobre-Novembre 2013 - Pages 92-93, Article de Laure ROUSSEL

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    News  conférence of Mr TIBERGHIEN at the LENZING Man made fiber congress:

    Flexible Electro Heating Circuits and Associated Energy Storage Problematic in Active Sport Garments or Equipment“ TIBTECH
    The conference of Mr. TIBERGHIEN has taken place in DORNBIRN on the 12th of september 2013.

    conference abstract:

    Through TIBTECH’s experience of electro heating yarns and its TIBGRID® structures specially designed to be inserted in SMART textiles garments, Mr. TIBERGHIEN will present some of the main issues to attend for efficient and relatively long term use in active sport or functional work wear applications. If wash-ability flexibility and eventually elasticity are of course very important, Mr. TIBERGHIEN will also give indications about morphological positioning optimization issues related to the major constraint of relatively high energy storage needs in heating applications compared to other relatively low needs of other applications as electronics or led lighting. A mention will also be made about the issue of quality and relatively high cost of connections in flexible structures, and the technical answers that TIBTECH is offering to attend this matter. In the end TIBTECH will share its experience of battery efficiency and eventual related risk for some applications as water sports.
    Should you need more detail of this conference, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    go to the web site of the MMFC Man made fiber congress organized by LENZING

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    News  conférence of TIBTECH at the automotive technical day Examples of links between textiles structures and MECATRONIC

    This technical automotive day was organized by the CCI of lorraine and has taken place at the factory of Thyssen krupp Presta on
    june the 25th 2013 at Florange (F) (54)

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    TIBGRID from TIBTECH in la tribune

    News  TIBTECH has been mentionned once again
    in the french economic magazine " LA TRIBUNE "

    read the article from "LA TRIBUNE" :   
    Interesting Paper in LA TRIBUNE
    , the French economic magazine dated 5/04/2013: "le retour en force du textile Français:"

    Please note the smart photograph of our new stretchable heating grid "TIBGRID® - stretch" from TIBTECH published in large size in the magazine!

    In this paper from Marie-Annick DEPAGNEUX and Odile ESPOSITO, TIBTECH is qualified of "Start up étonnante!" - "surprizing start up!"

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    News  TIBTECH has developed a new concept of THERMO HEATING pockets"

    TIBTECH heating pocket

    This new concept or tailor-made
    rubber or silicone heating pockets,
    developped with our TIBGRID or THERMOSTRETCH electro heating grids,
    is especially designed for industry or composite curing applications.

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    News  Interview of G Tiberghien in TIBTECH on GRAND-LILLE TV

    this TV report about TIBTECH, has been realized by GrandlilleTV in the scope of the IRD. Tibtech is located in the créativallée within Nord pas de Calais region.
    TIBTECH was started in 2008 by Mr Tiberghien and is efficiently supported by Nord Création , within the IRD institut régional de developpement.

    Follow the link here under towards Youtube by clicking on the logo grandlilleTV

    Site de Clubtex
    Tibtech is member of CLUBTEX :

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    News   "textiles and Energy" conferences at the ENSAIT:

    Conférence of Mr. G Tiberghien: about "specificty of energy transfer in flexible structures" : "Spécificité des transferts d'énergie dans les structures souples".

    Main topics of this 6th of november 2012 "journée technologique" at the ENSAIT:
    • 10h00 Carla Hertleer (UGent) : «Tritex programm proesentation»
    • Cédric Cochrane (Ensait) : textile and energy : general scope of needs and answers
    • Olivier Douhéret ( Materia Nova - University of Mons) : Present Organic Photovoltaic energy issues
    • Dominique Larcher (University of Picardie - Jules Verne) : «Accumulateurs Li-ion : Etat de l’art, Evolutions, et Prospectives»
    • Sheila Odhiambo (UGent) : «Textile based energy storage devices»
    • Guillaume Tiberghien (Tibtech Innovations):"specificty of energy transfer in flexible structures" :
    • Jean-François Geneste (EADS) : «stratosphérics airship baloon : energetic issue»

    News  TIBTECH at the ELECTRONIC DAYS convention in Paris

    TIBTECH has been present ant this convention in Paris from May the 23rd to may the 24th.
      We have been pleased to discuss with you about connectics, nomade battery, and energy transfer problematics

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    TIBTECH is mentionned in the article of mr CAHUZAC in the " Usine Nouvelle magazine":
    • The French USINE NOUVELLE magazine from 17th to 23rd of november 2011 is issuing a survey about the development of the French technical textile channel and CLUBTEX.

    • TIBTECH, thanks to its creativity in high temperature and SMART textiles applications, is mentionned as an example of a performant and innovative newly born high tech textile company.

    • We would like tot take the opportunity to thank Mr Cahuzac of the quality of his survey

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    News  Guillaume Tiberghien and TIBTECH at the "Business club de France" on BFM radio

    Listen to the interview, done by Michel PICOT at "Business club de France" - BFM radio
    on saturday and Sunday, september the 24th and 25th, 2011.

    please click on the arrow below:

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    News  TIBTECH has been nominated for the "trophées Leadexport 2010"

    of the Nord Pas de calais chamber of commerce.
    The "Trophées des meilleures performances à l'export des entreprises du Nord-Pas de Calais" have been given during the ceremony of december the 2nd, that took place in Saint Laurent Blangy.

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    News   TIBTECH Innovations was at the GLASSTEC, in DÜSSELDORF

    TIBTECH at Glasstec 2010
    We have presented you our new:

    New TIBTREMP quench tape, exclusive and patented quench tape

    ps : Please question us....
    In addition to all our

    stainless steel contact material for Glass bending, forming, quenching or tempering

    • MOLDTECH range: glass forming fabric in 100% stainless stell: Moldtech 3,4 or 6; Withstanding in furnace up to 700°C
    • SLEEVE: High elasticity inox sleeve for conveyor rollers covering
    • ELASTISLEEVE inox : en 100% inox can also be used inside the furnace, up to 700°C
    • TIBSLEEVE range of jersey socks for conveyor rollers in stainless steel of with aramid blends
    • TIBLOCH quenching tapes
    • TIBTAPE narrow tapes with central contact zone in 40mm and 55mm
    • TIBRAIDS compact braids in stainless steel or blends
    • TIBFELT stainless steel felts 2 or 5mm thickness

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    NewsConference of TIBTECH during the TECHTEXTIL AVANTEX 2009 fair:

    The conference had for subject: A new metal fiber reinforced composite for transport industry ?
    This conference of Guillaume TIBERGHIEN has taken place at TECHTEXTIL / AVANTEX, on tuesday the 16th of june 2009.
    * Should you wish to receive some complement of information about this conference, we thank you to make the request on our "Contacts" page
    TIBTECH ® is a registered trade mark

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