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Heating or conductive yarns

Semi-resistive heating Thermotech wires

The Thermotech wires are heating yarns with various conductivities made from special stainless steel micro-filaments. As they are very flexible they are fatigue resistant and washing process. Two versions of the Thermotech yarns exist: "N" non insulated or "I" insulated.

Link to the Thermotech wires chart

Link to the graph of the temperature of the non-insulated wires

Link to the graph of the temperature of the insulated wires

The non-insulated heating Thermotech "N" yarns (non-insulated)

These yarns are characterized by:
  • Semi-resistivity which ranges from to 3,6 Ohms/m to 60 Ohms/m.
  • Constant conductivity with or without mechanical stress.
  • Very good flexibility which makes small bending radius possible within textiles or composite parts.
  • High fatigue resistance.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • High temperature resistant: up to 600°C, or even more when they are protected from oxidation (neutral environment).
  • Outstanding performances for RFID applications, especially for high frequencies with a good resistance to industrial washings and numerous handlings.
  • Suitable for cutting Polystyrene or other thermoplastic materials.
  • Sweat, oxidation, salty water and industrial washing resistant.
TIBTECH Thermotech nu

The insulated heating yarns Thermotech "I" (with high temperature resistant PTFE insulation)

  • The core keeps the properties of the Thermotech "N".
  • The différent types of fire resistant PTFE insulated material can withstand temperatures up to 200-250°C (PTFE, MFA, PFA or equivalent).
  • Max electric tension of 380 volts.
Thermotech isolé

The Conductib conductive yarns

The Conductib yarns are highly conductive and flexible. They are designed to transfer electric power or data within the textile or composite structure.

  • One of the most commonly used product is the Conductib "I". It is insulated with a high temperature resistant material (250°C),.

Condustretch and Thermostretch: elastic narrow ribbons with integrated functionnal wires

Narrow elastic Condustretch ribbon (4 to 10mm wide) are perfectly adapted to sensors power supply, data or energy transfer within multilayer or composite parts are perfectly adapted to sensor connexions, data or energy transfers within washable or composite parts:
  • Within thermoplastic parts, the Condustretch makes possible to pre-position the connections within the flat parts which will later undergo thermoforming or press-forming.
  • A version exists with several conductive yarns in parallel which makes a data bus which is elastic in all directions (contrary to "flex" electronics circuits).
  • They are very useful for sport or medical clothes or for robotics for instance.
  • Specific versions with controlled elongation are well adapted to strain monitoring, using inductance variation.
  • One of the main applications of the Condustretch ribbons is for connection within clothes which have to be washed.
  • Elastic and heating Thermostretch ribbons exist with insulated or non-insulated versions with 10, 13 or 16mm width. They are designed for low voltage (3 to 24 Volts) and to be integrated within smart clothes or other heating structures.
TIBTECH Condustretch

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