News  High temperature Contact materials for automotive glass or metal industry

ex:automotive glass forming,tempering or quenching
Glass molding fabric glass quenching
  • TIBLOCH 720 and TIBLOCH 100 SQUARE quench tape for glass forming in automotive glass industry :

    TIBLOCH 100 ; largeur 100mm ouverture ultra fine TIBLOCH toile de trempe

    description of the quenching process:

    During the bending process of multilayers glass, a flow of cold air is projected against the hot glass to quench rapidly and evenly the auromotive glass to optimize its mechanical properties.

    To avoid marks on the hot glass during this strainfull process, a first important issue is to have an even contact material that supports the high pressure forming process as well as the weight of the glass itself without marking the still soft hot glass.
    The second and most important issue is to allow an even quenching process: Tis is achieved with TIBLOCH because of its remarkable and even air flow ratio, even on the side of the glass that are supported by the hollow frame allowing easy air flow through the TIBLOCH.

    Furthermore, the excellent stretchability of the TIBLOCH in both directions allow an easy and lasting laying on the tooling .

      here are the two most popular version of our TIBLOCH :

    • TIBLOCH 720: width 60mm , 75 gr/meter, openings of +- 9mm; 100% stainless steel SPUNTECH
    • TIBLOCH 100: width 100mm , 200 gr/meter, Square openings of 2,5 mm; 100% stainless steel SPUNTECH
      new product! :
      ultra fine opening for mark sensitive lites!

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    glass transporttibsleeve 51

      News  Rollers protections.. New TIBSLEEVE "+" 60/2 tibtech TIBSLEEVE +

      for conveyor rollers diameter of 60 mm
      Specially engineered for high life time, with maximum air porosity and minimum clogging effect, the new TIBSLEEVE + is the latest special high performance stainless steel alloy sleeve that TIBTECH has developped for your process!

    • TIBSLEEVE: Conventional technical Sleeves for conveyor rollers :

      • TIBSLEEVE 75/1: 100% inox SPUNTECH Tubular Jersey, for rollers of diameter 70 to 85 mm.
      • TIBSLEEVE 60/2: 100% inox SPUNTECH Tubular Jersey, for rollers of diameter 55 to 65 mm.
      • TIBSLEEVE 45/1: 100% inox SPUNTECH " " , for rollers of diameter 25 to 30 mm.
      • TIBSLEEVE 17/1: 100% inox SPUNTECH " " , for rollers of diameter 15 to 20 mm.
      • TIBSLEEVE 9/1: 100% inox " " , for rollers of diameter 8 to 10 mm.

    • ELASTISLEEVE: permanent radial high elasticity sleeve and glass-drop shock absorber :

      • New "ELASTISLEEVE +" 1/30
        tibtech ELASTISLEEVE + 1/30

        Specially engineered for high life time, with minimum clogging effect, the new ELASTISLEEVE + is the latest special high performance stainless steel alloy high elasticity sleeve that TIBTECH has developped for your process!

        Conventional ELASTISLEEVE

        For normal use with hig elasticity needs:
      • ELASTISLEEVE 60: 100% inox Tubular sleeve (55mm flat diameter) , ideally suited for 60 to 75 mm diameter conveyor rollers
      • TIBTECH Elastisleeve
      • ELASTISLEEVE 40: 100% inox Tubular sleeve ,(38 mm flat diameter) ideally suited for 30 to 60 mm diameter conveyor rollers

      • Their main interest is :
      • facilitate maintenance work with easy removing and change of roller covering.
      • spring effect on a thicker structure allowing better shock absorbtion in case of glass dropping.
      • adjustable to variable diameters (centering devices)

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      glass handling glass gripping

      News  TRICOTINE and SPRINGBRAID: SELF-SHAPING Braids and Tapes:

      TRICOTINE , elastic stainless steel yarn SPRINGBRAID: the newest product line concept from TIBTECH presented at the GLASSTEC 2010
      • SPRING BRAID: SELF SHAPING BRAID that can be used as Stapers hoders pads or bottle gripping devices, and also on conveyer rollers.
      • TIBTECH is proud to present you our new concept of high temperature withstanding SELF SHAPING BRAIDS and TAPES, based on special inox like high temperature alloys. Although very resistant to very high temperature environment, the SELF SHAPING line engineered by TIBTECH takes care of your hot glass and of the originality of your design, even on your high productivity line. SELF SHAPING, it also increases the tolerance of your settings

        Under pressure and temperature, TIBTECH' self shaping product line has a very smooth but resistant covering layer and a special core that adapts its shape to your product
        please question us!

        TIBTREMP HEAVY , self shaping Narrow TAPE made out of SPRIGBRAID
      • TRICOTINE is a permanently stretchable stainless steel braid-like yarn. As it is also very soft it can be use as gripper protection or more simply to tie easily products in a furnace.

      • TIBTREMP HEAVY: declined from The concept of our new SELF SHAPING SPRING BRAID, we can offer you our tape like structures with the same self shaping characteristics

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      TIBTRESS braid

      News  stainless steel BRAIDS:

    • high temperature seals
    • gripping devices, specially in hollow glass applications
    • conveyor rollers round or square braids in inox or special stainless or high temperature resistant steel

    • TIBTECH stainless steel braid

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      News  TIBFELT: Technical 100% stainless steel felts,

      TIBTECH stainless steel felt
        different thickness and density according to the requirements. For standard size products in large quantities, we can cut TIBFELT to your tool size. succion pads, gripping devices, fingers cover etc...
        generally reinforced with central woven structure to prevent excessive deformation.

      • TIBFELT 3 duo: 1200gr/m², 3mm thickness, double sided;
        • one face with very fine fibers to avoid marking risk
        • The second face more resilient in 12 microns fibers

      • TIBFELT 5: 2700gr/m²

      • TIBVEIL inox Felt with very high porosity

      News  TIBLOX New concept of ultra light low density micro-porous stainless steel membrane

      ranging from paper-like thickness to 5mm thick materialTIBLOX
      it can be used by example in seals, in polymer or gaz filtration but also in
      honneycomb structures for high temperature or shielding protection

        hig temperature or chemical withstanding Seals:

        TIBLOX please question us

        High temperature or polymers filtration gaz or liquids

        due to its controlled micro porosity it can be used in various filtration applications
        a noticable interest or TIBLOX membranes is that it can be heated through electrical or induction means for sterilization or declogging purposes TIBLOX folded >
        another interesting propertie is that TIBLOX can be folded to increase the exchange specific surface

        Honneycomb structure