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High temperature, glass and catalysis fabrics

Tibloch knit clothes for glass tempering

  • Tibloch 720:width 60mm, 75 g/m, opening of +- 9mm, 100% inox Spuntech.
  • Tibloch 100:width 100mm, 200 g/m, very precise squared openings of 2,5 mm; 100% inox Spuntech. New product : very small openings for thin or low bending radius glass parts.
  • Tibloch toile de trempe

    Tibtape: narrow stainless steel ribbon

    Tibtape: stainless steel contact tapes

    Tibtape ribbons have been developed with a double sided structure: on side has been designed to increase lifetime, the other side to limit glass marking risks. the selvedges have been added to ease the positioning of the ribbon especially in low bending radius areas.

    Tibtape 45-20

    • 100% inox Double sided 45mm wide Tibtape with a 20mm wide central reinforcement.

    Tibtape 55-20:

    • 100% inox 45mm wide Tibtape ribbon with a 20mm wide central reinforcement.

    Other pure stainless steel tapes

    For width higher than 5mm, please contact us.

    Tibsleeve and Elastisleeve: stainless steel sleeves

    To avoid any marking on the hot glass: specification available on demand for diameters from 1.5 to 85mm.

      Tibsleeve inox

      Ideal for conveyor rollers with 60mm diameters . Specially engineered for high life time, great porosity and minimum clogging effect.

      Please contact us for more information.

    tibsleeve 51

    Stainless steel felt Tibfelt:

    • The Tibfelt is available in different thicknesses and densities. Applications: glass handling or thermal protection for instance.
    • Reinforced by a central structure.
    • Tibfelt 3

    • 1500 g/m², 1500mm wide and 2.8mm thick felt.
    TIBTECT Tibfelt

    Moldtech knitted fabric (stainless steel micro-fibers)

    Knitted contact fabrics in stainless steel micro-fibers for the curving of automotive glass. Flexible, soft but resistant, the Moldtech fabrics have a very good quality to price ratio and are designed to optimize the optical quality of the glass during the forming or bending process:

    Gamme "Moldtech" Moldtech made from 100% stainless steel fibers and resistant to continuous 700°C

    Moldtech 7

    • 100% inox high performance 1100g/m² contact fabric for the forming of mass market of heavy glass with bending radius constraints. High performance 1100g/m² contact fabric for the forming of mass market of heavy glass with bending radius constraints.
    toile de contact

    Square or circular braids

      TIBTECH proposes square or circular braids for high temperature applications (700°C).. For gripping and transportation of hot glass.

    • High temperature joints or gripping and transportation systems: hot glass, aluminium or handling of metals deformable if hot.
    • Gripping braid systems for high temperature applications.
    • Circular or square section for roller conveyor of flat glass or aluminium parts.
    TIBTRESS braid

    Tiblox: ultra light semi-rigid micro-porous stainless steel membrane

    Paper-like stainless steel, micro-porous, conductive and high temperature resistant membranes which can be used for:
  • Polymer filtration, joints, thermostable composites or multi-layers high temperature protections.
  • Tibshield: electro-magnetic shielding fabric.
  • Thin Tiblox versions can also be shaped in honeycomb structures to manufacture lightweight panels and can be resin-impregnated.
  • Tiblox paper

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