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Fabrics for composite parts functionalization: heating, de-icing and electromagnetic shielding

Tibgrid®: flexible heating fabrics and heating textiles

Tibgrid heating fabrics integrate a heating yarn attached to a textile support which is light and open to facilitate its positioning.
  • Insulated or non-insulated heating elements (Thermotech or Spuntech) can be weaved.
  • The pitch can be adapted to your areal power heating requirements (see picture for the definition of the pitch).
  • In its standard version, the Tibgrid ISO has a width around 100mm (can be adapted to your needs). It is made either of a heating yarn weaved on the whole width or of many yarns in parallel with a sinusoidal path.
  • Its sinusoidal structure with open support make it easy to be inserted between two composite or textile layers.
  • A version of the Tibgrid fabrics also exists with a double heating yarns in order to:
    • Have a redundant heating grid, for instance for aerospace applications.
    • Have a higher a areal power without increasing the thickness.
    • Ease the connection by having the input and output of the circuit at the same place.
Tibgrid® calculator: the heating fabric Tibgrid is characterized by:
  • The heating circuit width: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm.
  • The pitch of the circuit (i.e. gap between each sinusoid of the heating yarn): from 4mm to 20mm.
  • The heating yarn type: non insulated "N" or insulated "I" with different conductivities.
  • The presence of selvedges (additional support fabric aside the heating circuit) to ease the fabric integration.
The Tibgrid® fabric is sold by rolls: the minimal order length is 10m. If you want to perform the power or temperature calculations yourself, click on the link to download our calculator.

If you want to perform the power or temperature calculations yourself, click on this link to download our calculator

Tibgrid ISO 7 TIBTECH bobine Tibgrid ISO 7 TIBTECH détail Tibgrid ISO 7 TIBTECH infrarouge

Tibgrid-Stretch: elastic heating fabric for complex shapes:

Tibgrid stretch

Heatdesign: flexible fit for purpose heating fabric for complex shapes

To get a constant areal heating or de-icing power no matter how complex the shape is, TIBTECH can design fit for purpose heating or de-icing fabrics which can easily be integrated into complex shapes made of composite or elastomer:
  • Areal power ranging from 100 to 5000 Watts/m².
  • For de-icing applications, power from 100 to 300 Watts/m² are usually enough. For heating applications, higher areal power are necessary.
  • Max dimensions of the fabric are 500mm x 700mm. Several elements can be assembled to make a larger structure.
  • To lower the overall cost, it can be interesting to associate a Tibgrid rectangular fabric with a more complex Heatdesign solution.
vision infra rouge du heatdesign vision infra rouge du heatdesign heatdesign

Tibmesh safety conductive fabrics and thermal gradient homogenization

Ultra-thin conductive, light and flexible cloth which is usually inserted between the heating fabric and the outer layer of the composite mold. These metallic fabrics have three main functions:
  • Thermal gradient homogenization: the heat generated by the resistive circuit is more evenly spread in between each wire sections.
  • Safety: except for very low tension applications, we strongly recommend to connect the Tibmesh conductive fabric to the ground. In case of accidental damage of the mold or composite part , this grounding will minimize electric shock risk by switching off the power supply.
  • Electro-magnetic shielding or induction heating of composite parts for the stainless version.
  • Commercialized in two versions:
    • Tibmesh 50 micrometres (75g/m²) stainless steel : sold in 1m width and 10m long rolls.
    • Tibmesh Cu copper base (75g/m²): sold in 1m width and 10m long rolls.
    Note: available for sale by the meter:
Link to the sale by meter Tibmesh / Link to the sale by meter Tibmesh Cu

Tibshield: electro-magnetic shielding fabrics for composite applications

We offer two types of light but very efficient electro-magnetic shielding fabrics:
  • Tibshield TIAD35-NP: areal weight: 85 g/m²: rip stop reinforced woven structure shielding above 70dB from 3 to 10MHz.
  • Tibshield TISDI-135-PN: areal weight: 45g/m²: ultra-thin, light, open and flexible mesh structure with homogeneous shielding properties. Shielding between 3 MHz and 10 MHz higher than 50dB. Sold in 10m long 1.4m wide rolls.

For your small samples please visit our smartshop: link to the sale by meter Tibshield

TIBTECH light tibshield

Placetech: semi-adhesive flexible glass fiber grid

Placetech is a flexible and semi-adhesive grid made from glass fibers. It facilitates the pre-positioning of our fabric (Tibgrid) or ribbon (Condustrectch or Thermostretch). It is possible to attach, remove and then attach again a structure on our Placetech grid. Sold by rolls:
  • Width: 110cm
  • Opening: 5mm x 5mm
  • Density: 60g/m²
  • Grille semi-adhésive et souple

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